Egypt, South Korea, China, France

Monday, June 25, 2012 - 4:30pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Egypt, huge celebrations happening here as the country elects a new president after its first free election. When they finally heard the news the crowd in Tahrir Square exploded in joy and celebration. For the first time in Egypt’s more than 7-thousand year history the people were finally able to choose their leader. Mohamed Morsi beat out his opponent Ahmed Shafiq by 3-percentage points.

South Korea – The U.S.S. George Washington is joining forces with South Korean Naval drills. Warships, submarines, and hundreds of combat planes expected to participate in the 3-day drills held off the west coast of South Korea. North Korea which is technically still at war with South Korea, has called the exercises a provocation.

China – There is nothing like 2-hours of live action and five movie star stuntmen. The men dazzled the crowds with tricks on cars and motorcycles. You may not recognize any of them but they have been in hundreds of films from the James Bond film series to the Spiderman franchise.

France – A group of cliff-divers leaped off the rocks in Corsica. A head to head battle for the opening games of the 2012 Cliff Diving World Series. The winner is a 9-time World Champion from Colombia who just recovered from a broken ankle. The next stop for the divers is Norway.

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