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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 7:01pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – England, people inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement have been told to pack up and leave St. Paul’s Cathedral. They've been there since October. A British court evicted them today claiming the protestors are a public nuisance scaring away worshippers and tourists. The Occupy London folks plan to appeal.

Indonesia – People who hitch free rides by hopping on the tops of trains probably won't get away with that any longer. That's because the government is going to a new extreme suspending rows of concrete balls over the tracks, low enough to knock people off and possibly kill them.

Italy – The latest from that cruise ship that ran aground Friday. 11-people are confirmed dead and 21-people are still missing. No survivors have been found since Sunday. The captain who abandoned ship has been placed on house arrest. If the ships fuel begins to leak, it will be an environmental disaster.

Australia – There are lots of sharks off the coast here and they are hungry. One of them dragged a surfer off his board today. He lost part of his thigh but he did survive. So far there have been two close calls involving sharks in the same area just this month.

China – You're looking at what could be the highest free fall ride on the planet.

Those brave enough to get on it get to experience a 115-foot drop. And the view definitely adds to the thrill.

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