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Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 6:08pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – England, in London business owners are boarding up their windows preparing for perhaps a fourth night of rioting and looting. Residents are also scared of what’s next. Here is a picture of a woman leaping to safety after her London apartment was set on fire by rioters. There has been chaos in the streets since Saturday, after a man was shot and killed by police.

Somalia – A man just lost five of his seven children to the famine. And he had to bury them himself. More than 29-thousand children have starved to death in the last three months alone. Relief agencies say thousands more will die too if they don't get help.

Japan – A somber day in Nagasaki as the country observed the 66th anniversary of the day America dropped an atomic bomb on the city. The bombing of Nagasaki killed some 80-thousand people and was dropped just 3-days after the bombing of Hiroshima that killed 140-thousand.

United States – An American abandons her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida halfway through the trip. Pictures show Diana Nyad on board a boat today, 29-hours after setting off from Havana. This was her second attempt at taking on the 100-mile journey, without a shark tank. Her asthma and shoulder pain got too bad for her to finish.

Israel – A rare animal called the "sand cat" has been born at a zoo. The species was once common in the region, but is now extinct in the wild. This zoo has a breeding program for the animals.

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