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Friday, September 9, 2011 - 9:40pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – France, joining America to remember September 11th. Preparations are underway in Paris for the construction of a twin towers replica. It will be at the center of a ceremony to honor the nearly 3,000-people that were killed 10-years-ago. An association called "The French will Never Forget" is organizing the event and says the 10-story replica is simply a sign of support.

Bolivia – The sole survivor of a plane crash was found in the jungle 3-days after the aircraft went down. The 35-year-old had head injuries and told his rescuers he escaped the wreckage, and stayed alive by drinking his own urine and water from a lagoon. A total of 8-people were killed in that plane crash.

Mexico – The power outage that affected large parts of the western U.S. is also leaving Tijuana, Mexicali, and other cities in the dark. It’s because they're connected to the U.S. power grid. On the border, extra patrols to prevent looting and other crimes. The outage is blamed on an accident at a power substation. Its back on in most places.

Sweden – We have an update on our drunken moose. After eating one too many fermenting apples and getting stuck in a tree, he's doing fine today. And the homeowner whose tree had to be cut down to get the big guy out of there isn't angry. He thought it was funny to see a moose with a hangover.

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