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Monday, September 10, 2012 - 6:00pm

Around The World(FOX44) Greece- greece's prime minister met with international debt inspecotrs today hoping to reach an agreement with them on the details of 15.3 billion dollars worth of austerity cuts.

The inspectors voiced objections to some of the measures.
The massive austerity program is needed to secure funding for a bailout to keep Greece from going bankrupt.
Speculation is growing across the European Union that Greece won't be able to meet its obligations, forcing the country to leave the EU.

England- Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan is getting a lot of attention.
After word of his deployment became public the Taliban made a threat to capture or kill the prince.

Prince Harry is in Afghanistan for a four month tour as a gunner in an Apache attack helicopter.


USA- The federal government has announced a new initiative intended to prevent suicides using social media.
Sometimes scorned for its ability to allow users to overshare Facebook has now set up a reporting system for those who talk publicly about suicidal tendencies.

The new Facebook service has a link where Facebook users can anonymously report friends who seem depressed or suicidal.
the website then contacts that user, offering counseling resources.

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