The Indian Ocean, Spain, China, Greece, Russia

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 7:00pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Indian Ocean, the Costa Allegra is slowly making its way back to safety. It’s being towed by a fishing vessel to the nearby Seychelles Islands. One thousand passengers have been without electricity after a fire was sparked in the engine room Monday. Before help arrived, the cruise ship was stranded at sea where Somali pirates prey on ships. The boat is expected to reach land by Wednesday.

Spain – Authorities say a boat was carrying 3-tons of cocaine. They believe the boat came from Venezuela. Three people have been taken into custody.

China – An alleged car thief made a destructive getaway attempt. Traffic was stopped so cops chased after the driver but that wasn't going to stop the guy. He rammed into about 13-cars, knocked a motorcyclist over, and also hit 2-police officers.

Greece – Here, flour isn't just for baking. In this coastal fishing town it's used as ammo in the annual flour war. Greeks and tourists fill hundreds of bags with baking flour and toss the stuff everywhere. The 200-year-old tradition marks the end of Carnival on the Orthodox calendar.

Russia – This bear is quickly becoming an internet sensation.

Pamir's keepers say he's a real Kung Fu master. The bear's favorite toy is a martial arts staff. And he's pretty good at twirling it around!

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