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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 4:37pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Iran, the country's Air Force began 10-days of war games today. They're bombing targets from the air and on the ground. They are doing it to prove they are capable of countering an attack, especially one from their enemy Israel and the U.S.

Indonesia – A 6.6-earthquake jolted the island of Sumatra, killing a 12-year-old boy. It damaged several buildings but was centered too far inland to generate a tsunami. Still hundreds have evacuated fearing aftershocks.

Kenya – Teachers in Kenya are on strike, protesting over-crowding in classrooms. “In every class we have some bright children, who are now doing the work of what teachers are supposed to be doing." That's because there's only one teacher for every 50-kids and sometimes one for every 100-kids.

The Philippines – A giant crocodile caused quite a stir. Villagers captured this 21-foot long monster. It weighs over 2,300-pounds. It’s going to a zoo where locals will be able to pay to see him now.

China – If you want to get through this toll, you have got to brave the bees. They're everywhere because trucks transport the bugs on this highway and when they stop to pay their tolls some bees get left behind.

Austria – Archaeologists put an ancient gladiator school back on the map. They think what they found may be the biggest training facility ever uncovered.

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