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Monday, January 30, 2012 - 6:12pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Iran, the military says it's manufactured "laser-guided" artillery shells that are capable of hitting moving targets with high accuracy. Officials also say it's so smart it can identify its own targets.

Also, in Iran, replicas of the U.S. drone captured by Iran will hit toy store shelves next month. A local toy maker is producing "mini versions" of the RQ-170 sentinel selling them for 4-bucks a pop.

Italy – It could be days before crews can start pumping fuel out of Costa Concordia because of bad weather. There’s 500-thousand gallons still on board but officials say as for the ship that could be stuck out there for a year.

Colombia – One church in the nation's capital is really rocking out, about 50-members gather every Saturday for head banging prayers.

They say the heavy metal helps them connect with God.

England – This years "tough guy race" is in the books and the winner is, a doctor. He beat out more than 3-thousand competitors in this dangerous race. Obstacles include barbed wire, fire, and lots of mud. It’s so risky participants have to sign a death warrant disclaimer.

France – Looks a lot like Bourbon Street doesn’t it?

The famous Dunkirk Carnival kicked off on Saturday. The festival will last for 3-months. The carnival began in the 18th century as a special feast for fishermen.

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