Iraq, Somalia, Germany, Spain

Monday, August 15, 2011 - 5:36pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Iraq, it's been the worst day here, in more than a year, coordinated bombings killing more than 60-people in 17-cities. The bombs targeted cities in the north, south and inside the capital itself. The blasts coordinated to go off in the morning with suicide bombers, car bombs, and roadside bombs. They come at a time Iraqi officials say they can protect their country without help from the U.S.

Somalia – Food intended for famine victims is already showing up on the black market. One aid official said he believes half of all the food arriving there is being stolen. The U.N. says 30-thousands kids have starved to death in the last three months.

Germany – A daring and complex helicopter rescue over the weekend, police released video showing the chopper plucking 20-people from a cable car dangling more than 320-feet in the air. A paraglide crashed into the cable and caused the gondola to stop working. People spent the night there until they were rescued. All 50-people on board were brought down safely.

Also in Germany, officials are taking the bull by the horns, quite literally. They are using "Ernst the bull" to help capture Yvonne, a runaway cow. The crafty thing escaped from a farm back in May and has managed to evade agents and even hunters who've been told to shoot her. If she liked Ernst, she'll go after him and fall into a booby trap.

Spain – Thousands of visitors are arriving for youth day celebrations. It's a week-long event by the Catholic Church. The highlight of the celebration will be a visit from Pope Benedict the 16th on Thursday.

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