Italy, Canada, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Greece

Monday, January 23, 2012 - 5:56pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Italy, Two more bodies were recovered after a deadly cruise crash off the coast. That brings the total death toll to fifteen and there are still 17-people missing. Today holes are being blasted into the ship to make it easier for divers to clear out debris. Officials say the wreckage now appears to be stable. They hope to start pumping 24-hundred tons of fuel out of the ship as early as tomorrow.

Canada – A fund has been set up to pay the medical bills of Canadian skier Sarah Burke. Burke died last Thursday after a training accident in Utah. She didn't have insurance and her medical bills are around 200-thousand dollars. So far the fund has raised over 271-thousand dollars.

The Democratic Republic of Congo – An evacuation plan is being developed as Africa’s most active volcano continues to erupt. No one has died from the eruption but lava flows are threatening wildlife in a national park including; endangered chimpanzees. That volcano is located about 35-miles to the northwest of Goma.

Greece – The government released a list of 4,000-names of people who owe the country over 18-billion dollars in back taxes. The list includes the names of celebrities, sports figures, well known business people and even accountants. The government's finance ministry says some on the list are already in jail for financial crimes. The largest single debt is by a person convicted of tax fraud, over a billion dollars. The smallest debt on the list is 219-thousand dollars.

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