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Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 10:37pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Italy, Pope Benedict marked Holy Thursday with the traditional washing of the feet. The ceremony reenacts how Jesus washed the feet of his twelve disciples prior to the last supper before he was crucified. This is just one of a series of traditional Roman Catholic Holy week rituals leading up to Easter Sunday.

India – Jewelers have been striking for nearly 3-weeks now all to protest a plan to double the tax on gold. It would be the second tax hike this year. Protesters say they plan to continue the strike if officials don't reverse their decision.

New Zealand – Officials say a cargo ship that ran aground off the country's western coast 6-months ago is now starting to sink. The back of the ship is almost under water. Salvage crews have warned that debris and a small amount of oil could reach the shore.

China – The largest kind of fish in the world washed up on a shore dead. The 3-ton, 20-foot long whale shark was first spotted swimming close to shore a few days ago. Locals say they have never seen a fish this big in their lives.

Germany – Visitors lined up for an Easter tradition.

It's an apple tree, decorated with 10-thousand eggs. The owner says he started back in 1965 with just 18-eggs.

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