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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 8:35pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Italy, 5-more bodies have been found off the coast after a cruise ship ran aground Friday night. That discovery brings the confirmed death toll to 11-people. At least 24-people are still missing. And now there are concerns that the fuel is leaking out of the ship and could hurt the environment. The captain of that ship is back in jail this morning, he is accused of manslaughter, causing a ship wreck, and abandoning ship.

Thailand – An alleged terrorist is in court today after police say he was storing explosive materials to send to an unnamed location. Atris Hussein’s arrest was linked to warnings from both the U.S. and Israel of a possible bomb threat in Bangkok. He took police to a warehouse Monday filled with 4-tons of fertilizer and other products used to make explosives.

Greece – A plain-clothes police officer was attacked by a crowd of protestors in Athens. Police say the officer was beaten and seriously injured by about 30-demonstrators. They were part of a 10-thousand strong rallied in the Greek capitol against more government cuts.

Australia – Scientists are trying to figure out what is killing dozens of baby seals. More than 50-seals are dead in New Zealand. Fur seal pups were found washed up on a beach in South Australia. The animals are being looked at by veterinarians hoping to find the cause. They say that's all they can do right now.

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