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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 9:38pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Japan, typhoon Roke hit the island with 130-plus mile per hour winds and dumped as much as 16-inches of rain in some parts. But even though the typhoon passed right over the already victimized Fukushima plant no damages have been reported.

China – Rescue crews had to rush to a scene when a restaurant boat broke free of its moorings and slammed into another ship before capsizing. The incident threw all 11-people on board into the water. Everyone was rescued.

Italy – Police are having a hard time rounding up illegal immigrants. These people are from North Africa and are pouring over a holding facility on a tiny Italian island. Fifty thousand immigrants from Tunisia and Libya have fled to this island this year alone. They are hoping to escape the violence of the "Arab Spring."

Pakistan – It was a real girl’s night out at a soccer game in Islamabad. Forty thousand women and their kids were cheering on the teams. No guys are there because they've been banned from the arena. Soccer authorities did it because they were having a problem with hooliganism.

Norway – A class held to get a push to get more young people interested in reindeer herding. Learning to sort some 2-thousand reindeers is hard work and a trade that's been passed down for generations. Herding communities fear that this tradition will be lost if people aren't trained now.

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