Kenya, Brazil, Belgium, Greece, United Kingdom

Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 7:59pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Kenya, over 700-pieces of ivory that was headed to Asia won't get there. Officials seized the half a million dollar shipment after ripping open big sacks filled with plastic chips. Trading in ivory is banned under the endangered species act. No arrests have been made yet.

Brazil – A massive fire ripped through a slum in the country's capital. No deaths were reported but now some 25-hundred people, who didn't have much in the first place, are homeless.

Belgium – Firefighters sprayed down a government building but the building was not on fire. They're doing it to protest lawmaker’s plans to make them work longer for lower pensions.

Greece – Streets here came to a dead halt today, literally. Funerals had to be put on hold because hearse drivers are angry their government wants to bring big changes in their industry. The changes would cost hundreds of dollars more in yearly fees.

United Kingdom – This is how police are trying to scare people straight.

The security camera footage shows a very drunk woman stepping off a train and off the platform. The woman did walk away with her life but police are hoping what happened to her will remind people to drink responsibly this holiday season.

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