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Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 6:22pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Libya, months of garbage piled up on the streets because trash pickup was halted when rebel forces started their uprising. Right now a massive cleanup is underway. It’s one of many challenges that the new government faces as it tries to restore normalcy.

United Kingdom – A British teen has managed to do something that usually costs NASA billions of dollars. With her telescope she found a comet in the process of disintegrating and two new asteroids. One of those asteroids will probably be named after her.

China – The Air Force was having a little fun today. The hour long show in the sky was billed as an aerial ballet. The country is even more proud of the fact that all the planes involved were made in China.

France – If you're craving a fresh baguette in the middle of the night than the wait for a local baker to knead dough into bread is over. A baguette machine in Paris can dispense baguettes 24-7. Not everyone is excited though; some say the innovation is threatening the French bread tradition.

United States – The Alaska state fair had some pretty impressive pumpkins. A giant one topped the scales at close to 1300-pounds. It was actually the second largest in the contest. The bigger one was disqualified because it had a hole in it. In case you were wondering, the giant pumpkin is big enough to make over 1000-pumpkin pies.

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