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Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 8:11pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, a large brawl broke out at a prison and 30-inmates are dead. The chaos is blamed on 2-drug cartels that are at war. Several inmates were beaten to death with clubs and stones and stabbed with makeshift knives.

Australia – There was an amazing rescue of the coast of Australia, where 2-dads and their 2-sons were fishing when their boat caught on fire and sank. They clung to a cooler to stay afloat. One of the men activated an emergency device and a helicopter plucked them out of the water 45-minutes later.

Japan – There may be plenty of fish in the sea but only one Tokyo restaurant can claim the catch of a "blue fin tuna" that is worth 3-quarters of a million dollars. Sushi lovers lined up to taste it and so many showed up that the restaurant had to limit each person to one slice each.

United States – There was a talent show for senior citizens in Georgia. All the contestants are vying for the title of "Super Grandmother and Super Grandfather." The crown comes with about 200-dollars in prize money. That's almost 2-months of pension money for the contestants.

China – Fireworks exploded behind glistening ice castles to kick off an ice and snow festival today.

This venue built using more than 300 standard-sized swimming pools' worth of snow and ice. More than a million people are expected to come see it.

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