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Monday, September 26, 2011 - 4:36pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Nepal, 2-American tourists were killed on their way to see Mount Everest. The U.S. sightseers and 17-others all killed when their plane crashed into a hillside. We're told it was trying to land but bad fog made it hard for the pilot to see. All bodies have been recovered.

Australia – Fifty lucky tourists managed to get out of a bus before flames ripped all the way through it. One person said: "We were on this bus and all of a sudden the flame just burst from the back side and people started to panic and we came out of the bus and after like 20-minutes the bus is gone." Another bus came and picked those people up and they continued on their journey.

Chile – Police brought out the water cannons today and used them on students who want educational reform. They want public schools and the government to pump money into them. These protests have been going on for months. And have been described as the biggest in over 2-decades.

The Philippines – People don't want the U.S. Navy to move into another country in the Pacific. They chanted and held up signs in front of the South Korea Embassy. Most of the protestors think the U.S. has selfish motives and others just don't want any new construction.

France – This is one of the newest places to spend the night in the Paris area.

The man who designed it wanted his guests to be able to sleep under the stars in luxury. The place goes for about 250-bucks and you get to spend the night in a bubble.

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