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Monday, August 29, 2011 - 5:49pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Netherlands, money, blew around in the wind on a major Dutch highway. People jumped out of their cars to scoop up as many bills as they could. It’s believed a cash transportation vehicle dropped it somehow. Officials are hoping people return it.

Cuba – A guy climbs up coconut trees for a living and having some extra fingers and toes helps. He has a total of twenty-four. Hernandez is the only member of his family born with extra digits but calls them a blessing because they allow him to make a living.

United Kingdom – The 26th Annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships in wales was held yesterday. The rules are to get down a flooded trench in the best time possible and it isn't easy. Here is what one person had to say about the festivities, "Tiring, it's really difficult to breathe in the snorkel, but it was good fun, good fun and you can't see a thing, it's completely black."

Poland – A couple tied the knot under the water. The bride and groom tied the knot in front of 275-guests. They got married 16-feet down and that's a new world record. An Italian couple held the record before but they could only get 261-people to snorkel.

New Zealand – "Happy feet" is headed back to Antarctica. A young penguin captured global attention after he strayed thousands of miles from home. Veterinarians removed 6.6-pounds of sand from his stomach. Experts said "happy feet" probably ate it thinking it was snow.

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