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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 8:41pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – New Zealand, 2-tourists were rescued from a raging river. Crews found the pair clinging onto a tree. ''I want to put some rubbish out of the water and then I lose control over my body because a stone broke out and stuff like this and we are happy to get to the tree." Flash flooding is so bad in the area right now that a state of emergency's been declared.

Romania – A zookeeper forgot to close a tiger’s cage today, so she got out and roamed into the city. A tranquilizer gun didn't work so police officers say they had no choice but to shoot her.

United Stated – There is a magnetic man in Georgia.

He's hoping to set a new world record using his recently acquired talent. His goal is to stick the most spoons around his neck. There is still no word from the Guinness committee if he actually succeeded.

England – You can rent a reindeer to help usher in Christmas with flair. The couple that rents them out say for kids this is even better than Santa. “With reindeers they've got this magical quality, the big eyes, the soft noses and they're just lovely animals and I think that really brings in the magic." Renting a real reindeer will cost you about 650-bucks for the day.

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