North Korea, Libya, Colombia, United Kingdom, Cuba

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 4:37pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – North Korea, people gathered for a massive rally swearing allegiance to their country's new leader. Thousands of citizens pledged their support to Kim Jong Un who took over as the country's new ruler in the wake of his father's death. This was his first public appearance to be recorded by state television.

Libya – There's chaos in the capitol as former rebel factions clash in hours of gun battles leaving 5-fighters dead. There's been lots of fighting since the end of the Civil War that toppled Mommar Khaddafy's regime.

Colombia – The first mining accident of the year claimed a lot of lives. Hundreds died in Colombian mines and most of those mines are illegal ones.

United Kingdom – Severe weather did a number on England and Scotland.

100-mile-per-hour winds brought down trees on people's cars. The damage caused widespread evacuations and planes also had trouble landing at local airports.

Cuba – A group of priests say the world isn't going to end in 2012 like some people are predicting. However, they do say big changes are headed our way and claim Mother Nature will be even more temperamental. It's a much more positive prediction of the future than others who point to the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21.

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