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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 7:24pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Pakistan, police say that a van was taking the kids home for the day when it was ambushed. It was travelling a warzone between government backed tribal armies and Islamism militants. Three children, a teacher, and the driver were killed.

Argentina – A bus and a train collided. Seven people are dead and more than 150-people were hurt. The driver of the bus tried to beat a train across the tracks. It derailed and slammed into another one.

China – A tanker truck plummeted off a bridge and crews braved a hazardous leaking chemical to rescue the driver and its passengers. It took 7-hours but in the end everyone safe and the leak stopped.

United States – A man who flew off his motorcycle and landed under a burning BMW was pulled out from underneath it by another brave group of people. It doesn't look good for the guy who obviously broke several bones but we're told he's going to be ok.

Australia – A man in a stolen yellow Porsche took police on one wild ride. Topping speeds of 90-miles per hour and at one point he hits a fence, loses a wheel, but keeps going. The Porsche eventually conks out and the driver hops into another vehicle. That one eventually crashes putting an end to things.

Cambodia – A motherless 18-month-old boy has learned to feed himself by nursing directly from a cow. Relatives say the child simply copied a calf. We're told the baby was sick but after a couple days of nursing, he's fine now.

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