Palestine, Peru, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic

Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 8:38pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Palestine, in Gaza, President Mahmoud Abbas asked the U.N. for recognition as an independent state. Abbas has told his people they can't expect any immediate changes in their lives. The Israeli occupation in the west bank would continue. These people are hoping the bold political move will end in some form of peace in their region.

Peru – Seven tons of drugs seized by police were burned in Lima today. Police lined up the bags and tossed them into the fire. Getting rid of the stuff this way happens quite often in this country. Peru is among the world's top cocaine producers.

Belgium – Hundreds of garbage men are on strike. They're angry about a political dispute that's led to new trash pickup assignments. Garbage collectors are vowing more stink fests, saying they're worried about their jobs.

Spain – A 40-foot whale washed up on a beach and rescuers did their best to roll the gentle giant back into the waves. They struggled and struggled, but weren't able to make it happen. Then, two bulldozers showed up and that did the trick.

Czech Republic – Miniature ponies are helping the blind. It’s a practice that started in the U.S. and is quickly spreading. People who use them say their animal helpers are capable of following commands just like a Seeing Eye dog. The Seeing Eye horses go through the same training.

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