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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 6:45pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Paris, here in the city of love people flocked to a bridge that is famous for its love padlocks.

According to tradition couples who want their love to last write their name on a lock and then attach it to the bridge.

The Netherlands – The flower biz is booming. At one of the world's biggest flower auctions traders have been snatching up them all up. This place is the size of about 100-soccer fields and flowers here get shipped all over the world.

Belgium – The country known for its chocolate is also trying to keep up with the Valentine's Day rush. This is where chocolate makers were the first to start using 100-percent cocoa butter to make sweet treats.

The Philippines – Police officers got an extra special Valentine's Day present today, a free wedding. The mass wedding is courtesy of the nation's police federation, giving cops who normally couldn't afford one the chance to tie the knot.

United States – Two women made history in the Big Apple today. They are the first same sex couple to be married at the Empire State building.

China – Love is in the air for penguins at an aquarium.

These penguins are getting an over the top wedding ceremony. No fingers for rings, so they got bouquets around their necks instead.

Thailand – A male couple has broken the world's kissing record. Their lips were locked for more than 50-hours beating the old record by almost 5-hours.

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