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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 5:41pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Poland, a Boeing-767 made a dramatic belly landing. The plane experienced electrical failure and the landing gear wouldn't come down. A very talented pilot made a daring touchdown, sliding along the runway before coming to a halt. No injuries have been reported.

China – An unmanned space craft blasted off into space, as the Chinese try to launch their space program. They want to send astronauts into space next year and open up a space station sometime after 2020.

Also in China, trucks carrying tons of dynamite exploded near a gas station. The blast killed at least 7-people and injured more than two hundred others. Several homes and buildings nearby were also destroyed.

Nepal – Authorities clashed with Tibetan protesters in the streets. Police arrested more than a hundred Tibetans who have been rallying against the Chinese rule of their homeland.

New Zealand – A ship loaded with oil that's been stuck on a reef for a month now will probably break in half. Crews have pumped 11-hundred tons of oil off the ship, but say close to 400-tons could spill into the water if the ship sinks.

The Philippines – Tens-of-thousands of families crowded cemeteries today to remember their departed loved ones on the day of the dead. The festival, also known as “All Saint's Day” or “All Soul's Day”, is widely celebrated in predominantly Catholic countries all over.

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