Russia, El Salvador, Chile, Australia, Germany

Friday, September 2, 2011 - 6:26pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) –Russia, over a hundred people were rushed to the hospital with bromine poisoning. An orange smoke cloud is the result of a toxic spill. Officials say a train was carrying bromine in glass containers when several broke. About 10-gallons of the stuff leaked out. Exposure to high doses of the chemical can damage the nervous system and internal organs. People have been told to stay indoors.

El Salvador – This sounds dangerous but it’s actually just tradition. Young men throw fireballs at one another to remember a huge volcanic eruption in 1922. These people believe the lava that flowed down the mountain was actually the work of a local saint to ward off the devil. Believe it or not very few injuries were reported.

Chile – Students locked lips to get their government to reform education. The massive "kiss in" planned to hopefully make school better and more affordable. This is a much more peaceful approach. Protests for the past month have usually been pretty violent.

Australia – A little croc somehow ended up in a public swimming pool today. The lifeguard said he thought it was a toy until he started snapping his jaws. Swimmers actually found it amusing. "He's only a baby." "It was rather cute." "Very small." It’s believed some pranksters tossed the croc in the water.

Germany – A most wanted cow is now in custody. Yvonne made international headlines when she ran away from a farm weeks ago. And no matter how hard anyone tried, they just couldn't catch her. She was found today happily grazing in a field with some new friends a couple hours from home.

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