Russia, Iraq, Syria

Monday, March 5, 2012 - 8:48pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Russia, riot police detained more than 200-people during protests in Moscow Monday. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, chanting "Russia without Putin." Vladimir Putin claimed victory in yesterday's presidential election. Putin won 64-percent of the votes but the opposition calls it all a fraud. The anger spread to Saint Petersburg, where 3000-protesters gathered. Police arrested at least 50-people there.

Iraq – At least 27-policemen were killed in an attack by a suspected Al Qaeda linked group. Gunmen raided checkpoints and homes in Haditha in western Iraq Monday. Those killed were members of the security forces. The attackers apparently claimed to be government officials, proceeded to execute guards and commanders, before escaping.

Syria – Refugees that tried to flee the violence in Syria have poured into neighboring Lebanon. The United Nations refugee agency said 2000-Syrians have crossed the border in the last 2-days. They say they had no choice but to try to escape, because they feared for their life. Senator John McCain is endorsing United States military action against Syria. McCain is calling for U.S. led airstrikes in an international effort to support rebel fighters. McCain says foreign air power is the only way to stop the government's slaughter of demonstrators and save innocent lives.

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