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Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 6:47pm

Around The World (FOX44) Serbia- Firefighters are on the ground and in the air battling more than 200 wildfires that have broken out over the last 24 hours in Serbia.
The Balkan region is suffering from one of its hottest summers and the worst drought in nearly 40 years.

Extreme heat and dry conditions have contributed to hundreds of fires that have destroyed forests and farmland.

Even power production has been affected because rivers and lake levels have plunged.
Fires have destroyed crops in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.

Columbia-The opposite problem flash floods.
surging flood waters quickly intensified--sweeping away anything in its pat including cars.

Part of the problem though is that the town of Barranquilla doesn't have a drainage system.

Forecasters expect more rain and more flooding later this week.

 USA- Here in the United States officials say this is the worst outbreak of West Nile infections ever.
While most cases are so mild they might not even cause any symptoms more than 600 people have developed a severe, neuro-invasive form of West Nile.

This can include Meningitis and swelling of the brain.

Health department officials say prevention is the best defense and to use a bug spray with deet, cover your arms and legs when possible and get rid of standing water where mosquitos like to breed.

So far, more than 1 thousand cases have been reported a number that's expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks.

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