Serbia, Israel, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa

Monday, April 2, 2012 - 5:21pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Serbia, 6-clubbers were killed in a blaze and we're told a few of the victims were trampled to death as the crowd rushed for the exits. Amateur video shows flames shooting out the top of the nightclubs roof minutes after it started. No word on what sparked the blaze.

Israel – An ultra-orthodox Jew survived a crazy attack in broad daylight. The 70-year-old was hit over the head with that ax and is actually going to survive. Police are still looking for the suspect and are looking for a motive.

Hong Kong – Hundreds of angry protesters clashing with police over claims of election fraud. The group chanted pro-democracy slogans and burning flags before police pepper-sprayed them. The former British colony is still allowed to hold free elections, despite being under Chinese control.

Russia – Emergency crews rescued more than 600-fishermen that were stranded on a drifting sheet of floating ice.

The fishermen were hauled in by helicopter, one at a time.

South Africa – A wildlife refuge welcomed one of the world's rarest animals. A Pygmy Hippopotamus was named after Britain’s Prince Harry. And this Harry is certainly getting the royal treatment. Keepers are hand-feeding him every 3-hours giving him a post-meal bath to keep his skin moist. The tiny hippo is living large after being rejected by his mom at birth.

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