Syria, Italy, China, New Zealand

Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 7:08pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Syria, a large crowd of women showed lots of courage getting together to support the global campaign for women's rights. They are doing this at a time when their country faces a bloody battle between its government and those who want to overthrow it. The U.N. says over 75-hundred people have been killed in this year-long fight.

Italy – The hacker group "Anonymous" says it successfully brought down the website of the Vatican. The group said its actions were in response to the Vatican’s positions on abortion, contraception, and the clergy sex abuse scandals. "Anonymous" also criticized the Vatican for its role in Italian politics.

China – The driver and passenger in a truck needed some help getting out of a scary situation. The driver was trying to cross a river in his truck when the water level suddenly rose, leaving him and his passenger stuck in rushing water. Rescuers arrived and threw ropes and life jackets to the trapped men. They managed to pull both to safety after a 4-hour rescue operation.

New Zealand – A fisherman has reeled in a 739-pound Bluefin tuna.

We're told it could be a record-breaker. The man who caught it says he hopes his wife will let him mount the thing on a wall in their lounge.

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