Syria, The Philippines, China, Australia, England

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 7:01pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Syria, the U.S. gets out after violence in the country escalates. Anti-government protesters say security forces have killed at least 50-people today alone. Over the weekend, a un-resolution calling for President Assad to step down has failed. There are fears that Syria is headed to a civil war.

The Philippines – At least a dozen people were killed after a 6.7-magnitude quake rocked the country. Some areas are still being hit with hundreds of powerful aftershocks.

China – A group of tourists in China got quite a scare after tigers attacked their tour bus. Apparently the big cats escaped from a nearby animal facility. Their keepers came to the rescue and promised to reimburse the tourists for their troubles.

Australia – After a high-speed chase police finally get their goat.

They call her "Houdini" because for days cops couldn't catch her. One official said: "Got very close a couple of times but unfortunately it's just a bit too agile and a bit too quick." But they eventually outsmarted her. While the cops catch their breath, they'll try to find her a new home.

England – A sixty plus gun salute to honor Queen Elizabeth for her 60-years on the throne. Lots of ceremonies will be held for her today and through the rest of the year to celebrate her diamond jubilee. The Queen who is now 85-years-old became Queen in 1952.

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