Syria, United Kingdom, India, Cuba, Ukraine

Monday, August 8, 2011 - 6:20pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Syria, amateur video claiming to show troops and tanks in the streets as government forces continue their bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. Dozens were killed Sunday and more than three-hundred this past week. That brings the death toll to 17-hundred since the uprising began in March.

United Kingdom – More chaos in the London area, police called it copy-cat rioting after a weekend of violence broke out after a shooting. Officials are assuring the world, this is something they will not tolerate in the months before the London Olympic Games.

India – Clean-up after an oil spill continues on a beach in India. Water and land polluted by leaking oil from an abandoned container ship in Mumbai. The concern is all too familiar; “The oil spill that is happening is actually destroying our beaches, it's affecting our people.”

Cuba – An American is hoping to set a swimming record while bridging the gap between two nations. A 61-year-old is en route to Florida from Cuba. That's a 100-mile trip. She hopes to reach Key West by Wednesday.

Ukraine – The owner of a private zoo is spending 5-weeks in a cage with a lion. He's been sleeping, eating, and showering with Katya since the beginning of the month. The guy is doing it to raise money for a bigger zoo for the lion and for other animals.

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