Tunisia, Thailand, Chile, France

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 6:41pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Tunisia, representatives from more than 70-countries are meeting today to call on the Syrian government to immediately implement a ceasefire and allow in humanitarian aid. However there are a few problems. First, Russia has the most influence over Syria and is boycotting the meeting. And second, in order to allow aid workers in, the Syrian government has to cooperate which appears highly unlikely.

Thailand – Fire ripped through a refugee camp in the west near the Burma border. We're told the flames destroyed about a thousand bamboo shacks. It spread quickly since those homes were highly flammable. There is no word on what caused the blaze. An official says nobody died but an aid group reports some people suffered burns.

Chile – The battle over painful gas prices sparked a riot here. Protesters and police went at it after the angry mob blocked a main highway. The people threw rocks at police and cops answered back with tear gas. All of the protesters are from rural areas and they don't think it’s fair gas prices are 40-percent higher than in the Capital of Santiago.

France – If you have a half million dollars lying around you can own your own French village. Officials in France are offering this entire village for the rock-bottom price of about 440-thousand dollars. Locals say the village has been abandoned since the mid-nineties, but it has some amenities. It has 19-buildings, tennis courts, and even a pool.

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