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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 6:06pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Turkey, it was a bad day for one driver who lost control of his car, slammed into the entrance of a subway station, and bounced down the stairs. The wreck occurred so early that there weren't any passengers there. We're told the driver's recovering in the hospital.

Italy – Here's the Pope enjoying a little circus fun today.

Acrobats and clowns juggled, balanced and posed for the pontiff during his weekly public audience. After these acts Rome's zoo brought over a baby crocodile to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

China – A former NBA great from China is back in the news. Yao Ming was there when China released 6-pandas into a "semi wild environment." The release was part of a major program to introduce captive-bred animals into a more natural habitat.

France – It's the first day of nationwide winter sales and shoppers stripped down for a chance to get free clothes today. At this store the first 100-people got two free items and got big discounts on their other purchases. Sales in France are tightly controlled, there are official start and end dates

Benin – The country coming off "Voodoo Day."

The holiday draws followers from all over the country. Voodoo recognized in the early nineties as an official religion here but before that it was banned.

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