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Friday, November 11, 2011 - 9:41pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Turkey, now earthquake survivors living in tents are dealing with heavy snow and freezing temperatures. Hundreds are living in tents since their homes were destroyed by a massive earthquake 3-weeks ago. The snow started falling last weekend and has just kept coming throughout the week. Earlier this week a smaller quake hit the same area in Turkey collapsing 18-buildings including a hotel where aid workers and reporters covering the first quake were housed. At least 25-people were killed.

Mexico – Troops secured the site of a deadly helicopter crash today that claimed the life of Interior Minister Francisco Blake. Blake is one of 8-people on board who were killed. As the Interior Minister, Blake was Mexico’s top cabinet secretary and a key figure in Mexico’s battle against drug cartels. President Felipe Calderon said the crash was probably an accident and speculated that foggy conditions may have contributed to the crash.

Chile – Paleontologists have discovered what they're calling a "whale cemetery" with fossils that date from 7-million years ago. The experts say there are 80-fossils and they've found 15-whale fossils in the last 15-days. Experts say it's the largest discovery of its kind in South America.

Peru – Visitors to the zoo in Lima are getting a special treat today. They were able to watch Naysha, a 6-month-old baby Bengal tiger, who has been raised by hand and bottle-fed by zookeepers.

She's still a little smaller than most Bengal tigers at 6-months, weighing about 70-pounds. The cub's mother rejected her at birth and that's when zookeepers stepped in. The zoo director said a plan was developed to raise the baby tiger and it has worked well.

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