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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 5:09pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Uganda, landslides swallowed two villages. Right now, aid workers and villagers are digging through the mud searching for survivors. Fifty people dead and that number is expected to rise. More rain is in the forecast and officials warn more slides are possible.

India – More than a hundred and twenty people dead in flooding created by a monsoon. Victims say they aren't getting help from the government. People are getting sick because food and medicine are scarce.

Lithuania – An investigation is underway to figure out how 2-planes collided during a Nato exercise. The pilots of the Lithuania and France jets both managed to eject and survive. The planes managed to crash in an area where no people or homes were.

United States – A Detroit man brings what officials thought were live grenades to a gun buyback program.
That's why the bomb squad was called in. After given the all clear, the guy cashed in on the other guns he bought. No word yet on the grenades.

Argentina – The “salon tango" is a more traditional version of the tango. The Colombian couple that won the championships beat out a few hundred others for the crown. Some Americans took home third. "Every year the competition really goes up. And this year we thought we were on the stage with some really good dancers." More winners for other renditions of the dance will be announced today as well.

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