United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Hungary

Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 7:37pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – United Kingdom, the government is telling drivers to fill up now. That's because tanker drivers are threatening to strike over health and safety standards. There's also a disruption with the country's natural gas supply. A rig off the Scottish coast is leaking and it may take officials 6-months to cap it.

Spain – Violence has erupted nationwide. Protesters are setting fire to whatever they felt like torching and they ransacked stores and shops. They're upset with the country's labor reforms including measures that would make it easier for employers to lay people off.

South Africa – Activists set up outside the Chinese Embassy calling on Asian governments to help stop the use of rhino horns in traditional medicine. They blame the practice for record numbers of rhinos poached last year. The street value of rhino horns has topped the value of gold and platinum.

Ireland – A big elephant named ‘Baby’ fresh off a great escape.

Apparently the circus animal didn't want to take a shower. Baby busted through a barrier, ran into a parking lot and down a road before she gave up. We can all laugh because no one was hurt.

Hungary – A rehearsal run for an Easter weekend ritual. Men toss buckets of water on women for a centuries old tradition. The water is said to help keep the ladies young, healthy, and fertile.

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