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Friday, December 2, 2011 - 8:25pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – United States, talk about a close call. A man was about to light his fireplace when: Everything just exploded. The driver of a big rig on heart medication blacked out behind the wheel and drove straight into a home. The home has a whole lot of damage. But the owners aren't complaining.

Germany – Nearly half the people in one city will be evacuated this weekend. So a World War II bomb can be detonated on Sunday. The bomb was dropped by a British warplane in 1944 and was found last month in the Rhine River. Forty-five thousand people have to get out, marking the biggest evacuation in Germany since the war.

India – An irate snake charmer let some of his slithery and dangerous pets loose inside a government office.

He's upset officials allegedly demanded bribes from him when he tried to get their permission to house his snakes on some land. This was his way of calling those people out.

South Africa – Protestors are kneeling on a beach hoping to draw attention to pollution. They say countries aren’t doing enough to reduce their carbon footprint. They want world leaders to get their "heads out of the sand" and take action.

Australia – Here's a more extreme version of extreme Frisbee. A champion in the sport makes a ridiculously long throw and his buddy made an even more amazing catch. The video is now a YouTube sensation.

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