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Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 4:57pm

Around The World- USA (NASA- Evidence of snowfall on mars comes from Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
A graphic depicts what NASA scientists say is proof of snowfall on the red planet.
However it is not snow like we have here on earth.
Mars snow comes from clouds of Carbon Dioxide what we know as dry ice.
The snowfall occurs at the planet's South Pole during its winter.
Scientists say it is the only known example of Carbon Dioxide snow anywhere in our Solar System.

USA (White House)- The White House, at least for now, has rejected the Israeli Prime Minister's request to meet with President Obama later this month.
The Prime Minister wanted to discuss Iran's nuclear program but Israeli sources say the Obama Administration won't be able to make that happen this month because of the President's full schedule.

The White House is pushing back saying the President and Prime Minister simply will not be in New York at the same time this month to address the United Nations.
There's been a heated policy debate between the US and Israel recently about when military action would be required to take out Iran's nuclear program.

China The man poised to become China's next president has vanished from public view.
Xi Jinping has not made a public appearance in ten days and has canceled meetings with at least three foreign dignitaries.
There are rumors that Xi hurt his back, had a heart attack or was in a car accident. However there's no official word of his status or whereabouts.

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