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Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 5:01pm

Around The World(FOX44) USA- COLORADO Ten year old Jessica Ridgeway was last seen on her way to school before she was allegedy kidnapped and murdered.
Now 17 year old Austin Sigg has reportedly confessed.
He made his first court appearance today.
For now, he is being held as a juvenile but that is expected to change when prosecutors formally charge him next Tuesday.
Those charges are expected to include kidnapping and killing Jessica on October 5th.

Pakistan- Police in Pakistan say nine people have been detained over the shooting of Malala Yousufzai, the teenager who spoke up for women's education. 

However they say the main suspect is still at large.
The teenager is making slow and steady progress in hospital her doctors said today she was comfortable and continued to respond well to treatment.
In his first public statement since his daughter was shot, her father said he would bring her home after her treatment despite more threats against her.

 Syria- The Syrian government has agreed to a temporary ceasefire starting tomorrow to mark a Muslim holiday. 

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has called on both sides to observe the ceasefire.
So far, the main opposition grouping in the country, the free Syrian Army, says it too will abide by the truce but there are many rebel organizations operating in Syria and already one, Ansar Al Islam, says it won't be abiding by the agreement.
All this comes on another day of intense violence in the country.

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