Ascension Parish residents wait for the water to go away

Photo provided by staff.
Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 7:09pm

Driving around Ascension Parish Thursday drivers saw a lot of water on the road, in parking lots,and in people's yards.

Sharla Roussel, stayed home, but still saw the water.

"I see lots of water draining off," Roussel said.

Some of the water receded, but Roussel's home in Burnside still had water around it because of the drainage ditch overflowing next to the home.

"I mean all the water comes up all the way around, and I'm like a little island over here," Roussel said.

Some streets in Gonzales still sit with water deep enough to cover a fire hydrant.

West Worthy Street was still covered. The Valentine's home off that street is just starting to dry out inside.

"Well we were helpless," Jody Valentine, whose home had water in it, said. "There was nothing we could do. It came in so quickly. "

Outside there is still water in the Valentine's yard and in their garage.

Jody Valentine is watching the weather reports closely before she gets to work picking up.

"We really can't clean up or do anything, because rain is predicted for the next few days," She said.

Valentine wants Ascension Parish officials to do more to help with drainage to stop flooding like what she has seen this week from happening.

"I really think we need to put more emphasis back into drainage in this area," Valentine said.

In another part of Gonzales, Gloria Larks' yard is filled with debris and water.

"Water and plenty of it," Larks said.

Larks said once the water goes away the clean up will be a huge job.

"It's a mess whenever it gets all gone somebody is going to have to come clean my yard, and I'm going to have to pay somebody to do that," Larks said.

She's not letting it get her down.

"It's frustrating, but there is nothing I can do about it," Larks stated.


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