ATC’s newest member: A synthetic marijuana-detecting K-9

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 7:00am

Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner Troy Hebert has announced the establishment of an elite K-9 unit.

ATC’s newest member is trained to detect odors associated with synthetic marijuana.

“The canine will enhance our success in cracking down on stores that insist on selling synthetic marijuana to our children,” said Hebert. “The canine is funded by fines and penalties and not tax payer dollars,” Hebert added.

Synthetic marijuana has been linked to suicide, death, and criminal behavior. ATC maintains a zero tolerance policy against synthetic marijuana and other designer drugs. Alcoholic beverage and tobacco outlets choosing to sell these dangerous substances may lose their permit(s) and face various criminal charges.

Commissioner Hebert invites school age children to participate in naming ATC’s newest member. The two-year-old German Shepherd comes from Holland and will receive his new name during his training in Acadiana.

The best names for an enforcement canine have one or two syllables such as Duke and Hunter. The winner will be recognized as an ATC Junior Agent.

To be considered, name suggestions may be submitted to or via the ATC's website by Friday, October 26, 2012.


In addition to synthetic marijuana and designer drug detection, ATC’s canine is also receiving vigorous training for agility, area/building searches, article searches, criminal apprehension, and obedience. Pictured: Agent Scott McIver and ATC K-9. For an on-camera interview with ATC K-9 and handler, Agent Scott McIver, please contact Emily Cassidy at (225) 925-4054. 


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Suggested names: Buster, Snoopy, Snoop Dog.

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