Baton Rouge family chronicles re-building process through social media

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 7:55pm

Just over three weeks after losing their home to a fire, the Nason family is still recovering. And to keep friends and family informed through the process their daughter Stacy came up with a unique idea.

"I am a geek I guess you would say, I do websites for a living, so it was just natural for me to want to do a blog," explained Stacy Hudson, the couples tech-savvy daughter.

The blog chronicles the joy, and occasional heartache that comes with her parents journey of sifting through what’s left of their home. With posts that say things like ‘How awesome is my mom?’, the Nason family is keeping the tone of the blog optimistic through every post.

"My whole life my mom's been like that, she's always said just one day at a time so, that's what we have to do," said Hudson.

"I mean Facebook has just been a marvelous thing, my friends that are all over the country, they've been praying for us," Sharon Nason said.

Sharon and David have said they already have plans to re-build, but a discovery of blueprints and long-forgotten plans have them excited to start the re-building process.

"In the last few months especially we've been dreaming about what we want to do with the house, and after the fire the fireman had brought out one of my purses. When I was cleaning it out we found a paper that had a list of things that we wanted to do to the house," Sharon shared.

And through the whole experience the Nason family says they've been surprised by the bombardment of support, both online and at home.

"It’s been an eye-opening experience to have so many people out there rooting for us, showing their friendship. You know people that we didn't even know have brought us things, brought us clothes. It’s just been miraculous really," Sharon said.

The Nasons say as soon as the insurance company processes their paperwork they'll start the rebuilding process.


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