Bike thefts spike on LSU's campus

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Friday, October 25, 2013 - 4:40pm

LSU Police have noticed a disturbing trend in the number of bike thefts on campus. Officials say since the start of the school year, the average number of thefts has almost tripled.

Like many LSU students Zach Miller is walks to class, but it's not by choice, earlier this week Zach walked out of his dorm hall to find his new bike had been stolen.

"I was pretty put out to tell you the truth, I had to miss my French class which is my favorite class, and we spent $500.00 on that in the beginning of the semester, me and my parents. It's an investment that I lost and I definitely didn't get the time I was expecting to out of it," said Miller.

But he's not the only one, since the start of the fall semester bike thefts on campus have almost tripled from their monthly average.

"A lot of students use that as their only mode of transportation on campus, or at least their primary mode of transportation on campus, so it can cause a lot of hardships for the students," explained Captain Corey LaLonde with the LSU Police Department.

Campus police suggest those with bikes use a 'u lock' to lock up their bikes because it makes it a lot harder for potential thieves to cut and get away quickly.

"The chains and the cables are the ones that we see that are most often cut, not that the u-shaped locks can't be defeated, but it's very hard and very rare," said LaLonde.

Miller said he's going to take that advice and buy a sturdier lock for his next bike.

"I had a cable, and it was a pretty solid lock, it was about $40.00, $50.00, and I would buy a solid steel 'u-lock' if I got the chance again," added Miller.

Police have also reminded people that if they do see something suspicious they should call police immediately. Police are also regularly patrolling the areas where these thefts are happening.


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