Black Family Initiative helping at-risk youth

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 9:00pm

New research shows anger is a big problem that's getting kids in trouble in Baton Rouge, but a group of pastors and counselors have teamed up to help at-risk kids.

Black Family Initiative is a state-funded program that targets kids with a record and those without a father for a role model.

The group has spent the past year treating the children with what they call "intervention therapy", and it seems to be working. More than half of the participants in the program didn't get in trouble again.

Pastors say frustration with their living conditions and family situation can get people very upset.

"Once we identify what makes them angry, we try then to focus in and try getting them to think a different way about responding, instead of getting angry and putting themselves in harm’s way," stated Reverend Donald Hunter, director of BFI.

The group plans on hosting a youth summit on March 23. NBC33 will have more details on the summit as they become available.


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