Bomb threat both good and bad for business

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 10:00pm

The bomb threat had an effect on business and the results were both good and bad. It had a positive impact on several local bars in the area. One bar told NBC33 they saw twice as many people for lunch as they normally do. The bomb scare had the reverse impact on some clothing stores. Their business went down by half on Monday.

"As far as the business it brought, it doubled our sales. It's not a positive thing for the community, not great for the community, but it ended up being ok for us,” says Walk-On’s General Manager Brett LeBlanc

"Usually on Mondays being this close to campus we get some residual traffic from the weekend. Lot of people are traveling back to where they came in town. They're leaving late on a Monday. [They] might grab lunch across the street at the Chimes. Pop in and grab a couple of things. And it just wasn't the case yesterday, unfortunately, with the bomb threat," says Bengals and Bandits owner Eric Hendrick

Hendrick went on to say he usually does two and half times more business than he did yesterday. 


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