Breakaway school district takes another step closer to creation

Photo taken by FOX44 staff
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 9:01pm

Legislation that could affect tens of thousands of East Baton Rouge families is one step closer to becoming reality. Two proposed amendments that would create the breakaway school district have been approved by senators.

Concerned parents filled the halls of the Senate, hoping to waylay legislation that creates the breakaway school district.

"I am just curious as to what the plan is with the new breakaway school. No one has told us anything. And basically our path is being chosen for us as to where our kids are going to go to school,” said Abbey Herrigton. Herrigton lives in the proposed breakaway district but is opposed to its creation.

Those in opposition to the proposed school district had some support from senators.

"They don't want to see neighborhoods left behind that are racially identifiable, a school system with a weakened tax base. That's not what we should be trying to move forward," said Senator Sharon Weston Broome, to a packed senate floor.

But that bit of support was not enough to stop the proposed constitutional amendments from going through.

"Like I said, this is a tough fight. To do anything to improve public education in this state is a fight. It’s one step at a time, you know it's not a short process, it's not an easy process," explained the bill’s author Senator Bodi White.

Senator White was able to get the proposed amendments through the Senate floor last session, but saw the breakaway school district squashed in the House.
White is hopeful this time that won't happen.

"I have some people that maybe didn't support me last time that may support me this time. They’re looking to see," shared Senator White.

The proposed amendments have to be passed in the house before they are put on a ballot that will need your vote.


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