BRPD officer reassigned after alleged harassment

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 2:00am

CATS passengers say Lieutenant Valdry, a more than 20-year veteran of BRPD is relentless in his harassment at the CATS terminal on Florida and 22nd street.

This isn't the first time officer Valdry's actions have come into question. Back in June of 2011, according to an email sent to the station by the Baton Rouge Police Department, he received a reprimand for a complaint for his actions at the bus station. Now, these allegations have caught up with Lieutenant Valdry.

“The officer that was in question will be reassigned from CATS effective immediately," says CATS C.E.O. Brian Marshall.

Marshall went on to say CATS still plans on using extra duty police officers to patrol the terminal and that overall the Baton Rouge Police Department does a good job.

But CATS passengers say their complaints had gone unanswered until they reached out to our station.

"This is a man that supposed to be in a uniform protecting you, but that's not what he's doing," says CATS passenger K.S.

Baton Rouge Police have no comment.

They were only willing to confirm that they've looked into Valdry's conduct at the CATS terminal twice before. 


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I saw alot of complaints but didnt see the officer in question, was this a hate crime against the officer by a few questionable passengers of a different color or what??? After 20 years on the force and working for sub living salaries it makes you wonder why even bother , maybe thats why the crime rate is so high and murders are a everyday occurance in Baton Rouge, maybe some expensive trips taken by the mayor to other cities to ah study there way should cease to happen ues it to stop crime.

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