Budget problems in Pointe Coupee put 911 Communications Center in jeopardy

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 7:00am

"Were here 7 days a week all year we know a lot of the issues that many people have here we know where they are to where they are coming from," says Cole Peers, an employee at the Pointe Coupe 911 Communications Center.

Cole says he can't even imagine would it would be like if the center shut down.

"You don't know where you would get your help from if you picked up our phone to dial 911 you might be getting someone in another area who doesn't know this area as well," says Peers.

Over the past few years the centers funds have been dwindling, with the increase in costs and decrease in revenue, the Sheriff's Office simply can’t front their shortfalls anymore.

"Here in Pointe Coupee we will have to find our own course of what works for us, that investment of additional hardware is having us to look at it a little but closer this year," says Sheriff Beauregard Torres.

Now with an upgrade to their system, the finances are falling shorter than before, and now they need to find a solution, fast.

"It's something you need to negotiate before you get to the crisis stage," noted Sheriff Beauregard.

And even on days like Wednesday, Cole says without the center, people wouldn't know what to do or where to turn. "On days like today when we have extremely bad weather we always seen to get a little bit extra," says Peers.

The Sheriff says even with these financial issues he will do everything to make sure the center stays up and running.

The Parish has until June to fix their financial issues and they are looking at numerous ways to find the funds before then. 


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