CA: Coach misses 75 ft buzzer beater

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 3:59pm

A miraculous shot during a basketball game in California has inspired the campus of Sacramento State University.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of actually.

A last second buzzer beater from 75 feet, with Sacramento State beating Big Sky conference leader Weber State in overtime.

“It was by far the most exciting event I've ever seen here in 20 years.” Sacramento State fan, Lew Robinson told CNN.

The video quickly went viral. With point guard Dylan Garrity's winning shot featured worldwide on Sports Center's highlight reel.

“I just put my hands up and started screaming and yelling. And I got tackled by all my teammates at center court. And I was on the bottom of the dog pile,” Dylan Garrity, Sacramento State Point Guard, explained.

The 6-2 junior may have been at the bottom of the dog pile, but today he's the king of the campus at Sacramento State, where students are basking in Garrity's glory.

“It was incredible,” said Sacramento State student Tom Miller, “You can feel the energy around the university this morning.”

“It feels great to get the school noticed. And it's not really that often that we're on Sports Center so it's pretty nice,” student Krysle Montemayor said.

Hundreds of people here witnessed Dylan’s miracle shot Saturday night, the shot heard around the world. But there was one key person here who didn't see the shot at all.

“I didn't see the shot. Because in my mind I was already coaching the second overtime,” Brian Katz, Sacramento State Men's Basketball coach, told CNN.

Coach Brian Katz was stunned.

“The referees came out and looked at the monitor. And then once they looked at the monitor and gave the big signal it's good - then I was like oh, time to get happy,” Coach Katz explained.

But it's not the first time Dylan Garrity has made a circus shot from 75 feet; in fact he hit the same shot two weeks ago in practice.

“Always work hard. I mean I'm living proof that your dreams can come true,” Garrity said.


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