CAA rescues 43 animals from alleged hoarder

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 6:03pm

Forty-three animals are in the hands of animal control this evening after being rescued from an alleged hoarding situation.

Kim Sherlaw with the Companion Animal Alliance says early Monday morning, 17 dogs, 25 cats and one bird were seized from a home in Baton Rouge.

Sherlaw was unable to comment on the condition of the animals, but did say many of the animals came in with significant and noticeable skin conditions.

It's a situation she's seen before, but one, she says, never gets easier to handle.

"It's heartbreaking because people start out with the right intentions of wanting to care for animals, and they believe that they're helping animals,” stated Sherlaw. “But it just reaches a point where it goes overboard and becomes neglectful."

Sherlaw says it's not clear yet whether or not the animals will be put up for adoption. For now they remain in the care of the CAA.


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